What Went Wrong With The Expendables Franchise? – Let’s Check It Out!

The Expendables franchise burst onto the scene with a dazzling ensemble of action legends and heart-pounding sequences, igniting fans’ excitement worldwide. Yet, as time marched on, this once-promising series lost its luster.

The Expendables Franchise lost its way because it stayed the same and got stuck using the same old stars and stories. You can watch it on Goojara. It provides a friendly interface.

In the following paragraphs, we’ll delve into what led this franchise from a spectacular beginning to itultimate decline.

The Glorious Beginning:

2010 The Expendables franchise launched with a star-studded cast featuring legends like Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, Jet Li, and Arnold Schwarzenegger. The first movie delighted action fans with its thrilling scenes and witty one-liners, taking them on a nostalgic journey.

 Stumbling Into Sequels:

After the first movie’s success, more films were expected. But as the series continued, keeping up the same excitement was hard. Repeated storylines, uninteresting bad guys, and action scenes you could predict left fans wanting more. The franchise lost its spark.


Overreliance On Aging Stars:

At first, The Expendables series succeeded because of the charm and fame of its older action heroes. However, depending only on these aging stars became problematic as time passed. The absence of new talent and fresh faces made the movies feel stuck, and people began losing interest.

Overreliance On Aging Stars
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Neglecting Character Development:

A significant problem with the franchise was its struggle to create characters that people could remember and connect with. Moviegoers want more than just explosions and quick jokes; they want characters they can feel attached to. The Expendables could have done better in this aspect.

Struggling With Tone:

The series couldn’t decide if it wanted to be a serious action thriller or a comedy. The mixed tone left viewers needing to figure out what to anticipate, and this caused the franchise to lose its identity.


Failure To Adapt:

Movies changed, and what people liked in movies changed, too. But, The Expendables franchise needed to keep up with these changes. It kept using the same old formula that used to work but didn’t match what people like now.

Neglecting Storytelling:

Even though action movies are primarily about action, having an exciting story is essential to keep viewers interested. The Expendables franchise needed to pay more attention to this, so its movies felt empty and easy to forget.

Neglecting Storytelling
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Missed Opportunities:

The Expendables had a unique chance to talk about aging action heroes but didn’t make the most of it. It could have explored ideas about getting older and what it means for action heroes, which made the series deeper. But it didn’t use this chance.

Competition In The Genre:

When The Expendables series started to have problems, other action movies and franchises like Fast and Furious, John Wick, and Marvel’s superhero movies became popular. They caught the audience’s interest. This intense competition made it even more difficult for The Expendables to be noticed.

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1. Why did The Expendables Franchise lose its appeal over time?

The franchise needed to adapt to changing audience preferences and remained stagnant. That is why expendable franchises lose their appeal over time.

2. What were the main problems in the series?

The franchise struggled with repetitive plots, uninspired villains, and predictable action scenes. These are the main problems.

3. How did the reliance on aging stars affect the franchise?

Relying solely on aging stars became a drawback as the lack of fresh faces made the films feel unexciting.

4. Why did viewers become disengaged with the movies?

Neglecting character development and storytelling left audiences without characters to invest in emotionally.

5. What was the issue with the franchise’s tone?

The franchise vacillated between a serious action thriller and a comedy, leaving viewers uncertain and the franchise identity needing clarification.

6. How did the competition in the action genre affect The Expendables?

Rising competition from other action movies and franchises like Fast and Furious and John Wick made it harder for The Expendables to stand out.

7. What missed opportunity hindered the franchise’s growth?

The Expendables could have explored themes of aging action heroes, but it needed to capitalize on this potential, leaving depth unexplored fully.


The Expendables began well but strayed off course due to several issues. It didn’t adjust to changing times, overlooked creating compelling characters and stories, and relied too heavily on older stars.

The Expendables Franchise went off track by sticking to its old ways, relying on familiar faces and worn-out stories.

Intense competition in the genre diminished its significance. What was once a shining franchise became a forgettable series of explosive moments.

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