Norfolk Southern Horse Screen – The Secret World of Trains!

The Horse Screen has become my go-to companion for seamless operations as I navigate my daily tasks at Norfolk Southern. The real-time railcar tracking and logistical insights simplify my responsibilities and add a layer of excitement to the intricacies of transportation management.

Norfolk Southern Horse Screen is a digital platform for employees, offering real-time railcar tracking and logistical tools to optimize tasks within the transportation network.

Explore the transformative capabilities of Norfolk Southern Horse Screen in our comprehensive article.

What Is The Norfolk Southern? – Let’s Discover!

Norfolk Southern is a major train company in the southern United States, with its main office located in Atlanta, Georgia.

What Is The Norfolk Southern?
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You can imagine it as a vast network of tracks carrying essential goods – that’s the world of NS. They’re experts in moving everything from building materials to everyday essentials, ensuring on-time deliveries.

It’s not just any company; it’s known for being one of the cleanest and most efficient railroad companies globally. What sets Norfolk Southern apart is its dedication to customers over just making money.

What Is The Norfolk Southern Horse Screen? – Unveiling The Mystery!

The Norfolk Southern Horse Screen is a digital tool used by employees of Norfolk Southern Corporation. It’s like a digital gateway that helps them access important information and screens related to the company’s operations.

This tool is especially handy for tasks like tracking and managing logistics efficiently. It’s a part of Norfolk Southern’s commitment to providing top-notch service and ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Authorized workers, equipped with the right credentials, can use the Norfolk Southern Horse Screen to streamline their work, making daily tasks more manageable and contributing to the overall success of Norfolk Southern.

What Information Can Be Found On The NS Horse Screen? – Dive Deeper!

1. Real-Time Railcar Tracking:

The Norfolk Southern Horse Screen goes beyond conventional tracking, offering real-time updates on railcar locations.

This dynamic feature not only ensures efficient logistics and timely deliveries but also allows for proactive decision-making by providing a constant and accurate overview of railcar movements within Norfolk Southern’s extensive network.

2. Logistical Insights:

The NS Horse Screen offers valuable insights into logistics, allowing users to optimize routes and schedules.

This optimization contributes to enhanced overall operational efficiency within Norfolk Southern’s extensive network.

3. Critical Data Access:

The Norfolk Southern Horse Screen serves as a centralized hub for accessing critical data essential for Norfolk Southern’s day-to-day operations. Empowering the workforce with the information they need to make informed decisions.

What Are The Benefits Of The NS Horse Screen? –  Ready To Explore!

  • Enhanced Visibility: The Norfolk Southern Horse Screen provides real-time location tracking, allowing NS to optimize schedules and ensure smooth operations.
  • Improved Efficiency: With instant access to crucial information, NS employees can make informed decisions about routing, scheduling, and any potential issues. This translates to smoother transportation and faster delivery times for your goods.
  • Streamlined Communication: The Norfolk Southern Horse Screen might facilitate communication between dispatchers, train crews, and maintenance personnel, ensuring everyone is on the same page for a seamless operation.
  • Faster Deliveries: Optimized routing and improved efficiency through the Horse Screen might translate to faster delivery times for your shipments.
  • Reduced Delays: By anticipating potential issues and optimizing schedules, the Norfolk Southern Horse Screen can help minimize delays and ensure your goods arrive on time.
  • Enhanced Reliability: The improved visibility and communication fostered by the Norfolk Southern Horse Screen can lead to a more reliable freight transportation experience for everyone.

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Who Can Access The Norfolk Southern Horse Screen? – Don’t Miss Out!

The NS Horse Screen access is limited to authorized Norfolk Southern Corporation workers. If you’re part of the Norfolk Southern team and hold the proper credentials, you can tap into the features of this powerful tool. 

Who Can Access The Norfolk Southern Horse Screen
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Remember, being connected to the company’s network or VPN is crucial. For those not part of Norfolk Southern’s workforce, the Horse Screen remains exclusive to employees, ensuring secure and efficient operation within the company’s internal network.

Guidelines For The Employees To Access The NS Horse Screen – Get Started!

  • How To Sign Up For Norfolk Southern Horse Screen: To create a Mainframe Horse Screen NS account, visit the official login page. Click “Connect,” input personal details, and follow the prompts. After clicking “Next,” enter the one-time password (OTP) received, completing the sign-up process.
  • What’s the process for logging into Horse Screen: Visit the login page, click “Connect,” and enter your credentials. This grants seamless access to the Horse Screen NS, ensuring efficient navigation for tasks within Norfolk Southern.
  • How to Change Your Password in Horse Screen NS: Change your password by visiting the designated section online. Receive a unique entry code via email for verification, ensuring a secure and straightforward password modification.
  • Why Might Your New Password Get Rejected: New passwords may face rejection if they include sensitive information like birthdates, health records, phone numbers, or repetitive characters. Understanding these restrictions ensures a secure password creation process.

Alternatives To The NS Horse Screen For Public Users – Track Your Shipment With Confidence!

Alternatives To The NS Horse Screen For Public Users
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While you can’t access the Norfolk Southern Horse Screen, there’s good news! You can still track your freight shipments using readily available resources. Here are some powerful options:

  • Public Freight Tracking Websites/Apps: Many freight rail companies, including potential partners of NS, offer online tracking tools. Simply enter your tracking number (provided by the shipper) to see the location and estimated arrival time of your shipment. 
  • Contacting Freight Rail Companies Directly: In some cases, you might prefer direct communication. Contact the freight rail company involved in your shipment and provide your tracking number to inquire about its status.

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1. Why does the Norfolk Southern Horse Screen exist?

It helps NS streamline operations and optimize freight transportation. This can translate to faster deliveries and a more reliable experience for everyone.

2. When Should I Use Horse Screen NS?

The Horse Screen NS is used for various tasks related to railcar tracking, logistics management, and accessing critical data. Employees can utilize it for streamlined operations within Norfolk Southern.

3. How Does the NS Horse Screen Contribute to Norfolk Southern’s Success?

The NS Horse Screen plays a pivotal role in Norfolk Southern’s success by providing tools that empower employees, enhance operational efficiency, and contribute to the overall excellence of the transportation giant.

4. How does the Horse Screen benefit me as a public user?

While you can’t access it directly, the Horse Screen’s efficiency likely contributes to faster deliveries and smoother operations within the NS network, ultimately benefiting your shipments.


Norfolk Southern Horse Screen is the cornerstone for streamlined operations, offering real-time railcar tracking and logistical precision. Accessible through, it is essential for optimizing efficiency within Norfolk Southern’s expansive transportation network. 

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